How to Speed up WordPress Website – Speed Optimization Guide

how to speed up wordpress

For a WordPress website owner, learning how to speed it up is an essential skill.
You may ask why and to answer it briefly, a speed-optimized website not only increases user satisfaction but also increases customer acquisition and conversion rate and eventually leads to an increase in revenue.
For all these reasons, I have put together a guide on how to speed up WordPress…

10 Ways to Optimize Your Emails for Smartphones

Email Optimization Smartphones

Smartphones have outsold computers in the last few years. This means people are beginning to depend more heavily on their smartphones than their PCs. According to LifeWire, 66% of readers view their emails on mobile devices – be it phones or tablets. A Medscape study found a 53% higher click-through rate for mobile-optimized newsletters, and these numbers are growing year by …

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